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While I may dedicate posts to go in depth about a particular topic, here is a broad list with a variety of things that I happen to enjoy; sites that I frequently visit, music I listen to, games I play, and so on.

Social Networking:

Facebook –,

Twitter –

Pandora –

Music Genres:

Here is an example song for each of the following Genres.  Some songs DO fall into multiple categories, though I will be differentiating the songs.  The bands, however may repeat.

Trance – Above and Beyond – Good For Me (Darren Tate Remix)

Power Metal – Hammerfall – Heeding the Call

Gothic Metal – Nightwish – She is My Sin

Folk Metal – Ensiferum – Twilight Tavern

Hero Metal – Van Canto – Last Night of the Kings

Pirate Metal – Alestorm – Shipwrecked

Heavy Metal – Hammerfall – Blood Bound

Symphonic Metal – Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song


Star Wars: The Old Republic –

League of Legends –

Starcraft 2 –

Eve Online –

Guides / Strategy:

Team Solo Mid (League of Legends) –

Team Liquid (Starcraft 2) –

Gaming Community:

KSI Forums –

YouTube –

Day [9] –

Hulu –

Roleplay Online –


Mangastream –

Mangafox –

Mangareader –

Tenmanga –

Gaming for Charity:

Marathon Gamers –

There might be more… check often and mayhaps there will be an update..


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